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Rose Reisman catering is a name synonymous with mouthwatering tastes combined with generous and smart, quality ingredients. Our luscious foods are pleasing and designed with all tastes in mind, making you want to gingerly ask “May I have more please!”

As a full service catering and special event planning company, we not only provide you with amazing cuisine selections, but with services and support to complete your special event. From venue to décor to entertainment, we consult with you - and based on your requirements and budget - skillfully guide you through choices for your planned event - each and every time.


Rose Reisman Catering is defined by our Wellness Lifestyle vision and high regard for health conscious foods and ingredients in all our menu choices.

The Toronto business community relies on Rose Reisman catering to deliver top quality foods for any of their daily corporate meetings or lunches. We offer a full array of delicious prepared meals including salads and sandwiches and appealing entrées.


Weddings, Gatherings, Social Events

Your social event is the event of the year. The last thing you want to do is worry about “Do I have enough food, does it look presentable, where are the cocktail napkins?” and on it goes. Do you have a small intimate Cocktail Party, a Special Birthday or a majestic Wedding? Whatever the occasion, indulge your guests and yourself, with the prestigious and impeccable full service offerings of Rose Reisman Catering and Event Planning.

Our imaginative food options, customized service and professional expertise will meet your expectations, and allow you and your guests to relax, enjoy and eat well!
… Whatever the occasion - if it is divine food you select, or our distinguished services, be assured your event will be built to perfection.